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Facebook Header and Footer#103   

Would be good if it was possible to add a header and footer (in letterbox format) to videos or pictures to allow fast meme placement and full video preparation capabilities.

It allows one to convey the message in the video without the need for a caption.

Paul Dutton
about 1 month ago

yes,, i agree but i recomendation for plan 24$ unlimited post

about 1 month ago

Thank you for the suggestion @Paul Dutton. We do have a longterm plan to offer a complete built-in editor for images & videos. This would really be a nice addition to it.

@hubla while we let you schedule unlimited number of posts with both paid plans, the daily post limits are in place in order to allocated resource properly and most importantly to prevent abuse.

Posting too much in a short period of time while having it automated is considered spamming.

about 1 month ago

If these Meme style framing does get set up, it would be great to couple it with captions that go into the bottom footer area, rather than on the video.

Rodolfo Young
about 1 month ago


apri wahyudi
29 days ago

Good! This would be grate if publer add this feature on this app,

20 days ago