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Long Facebook videos support#140

video size is only 20 mins but this is not enough we need max time more then 2 hours

2 years ago

yes we need it

2 years ago
Changed the title from "video size shall be large" to "Long Facebook videos support"
2 years ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Feedback
2 years ago

We’re currently using non-resumable uploads which allows videos up to 1 GB and 20 minutes long (the most common videos).

This is the simplest implementation.

Resumable uploads on the other hand support videos up 10GB and 4 hours long.

This implementation is more challenging, but if a lot of people need this, we will get to work.

Make sure you click the Upvote button on the top right corner.

2 years ago

yes we need it

a year ago

It will slow down the app if it’s going to be stored on their server. Why didn’t instagram allow that on their platform rather creating IGTV so you can post more than 20mins? WhatsApp too doesn’t allow more than 30 mins on their status, you’ll have to break it into bits for a complete video. Very ambitious request though but consider the developer in all of this.

10 months ago

We have 1 hour webinars we post. We CAN use a youtube link, but we all know FB doesn’t treat those the same… longer videos would help,

4 months ago