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Add photos to GMB from posts#164

I post on GMB. I keep getting reminders from Google to post photos so I’m just wondering if theres an easy way or a simple check-box option To also post as a photo or even post as a post but then also use that image and upload it to the Google my business page? Does that make sense

10 months ago
Changed the title from "Google My Business Photos" to "Add photos to GMB from posts"
7 months ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Feedback
7 months ago

You’re right. Photos on a Google My Business listing are different from the ones used in posts.

Their API supports this so it’s doable. It’s now just a matter of priority and how many customers actually want this.

Make sure to give it an “Upvote”. The more it gets, the higher its priority.

7 months ago

Let’s get this going!

2 months ago

Also, @Publer , I think the OP @Dimitri Cassimatis may have been talking about adding ACTUAL photos, not photos from posts? I believe they’re two different options.

2 months ago

It will be wonderful to schedule photos and not only posts.
Photos are crucial for GmB listing, this is an extremely important functionality.
I mean not photos from posts. I mean only photos schedule, indipendently.
Pleeeeeeeease add this feature, it’s so important!

25 days ago

Agree, @daniele seveso! Hoping @Publer can get this going!

17 days ago