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AI Based Scheduling#170

I have an idea that I know is massive to an amost Google X Moonshot size.

Right now Publer has over 15,000 users across the globe, in many industries and so on. In a constantly evolving landscape where people are constantly looking for the best content, hashtags and time to schedule their posts for maximum views/engagemnt and so on.

What I propose is a 5th way to schedule content using AI. By using Publers growing database across multiple platorms - what if Publer suggested and updated timeslots for text, image, video combined with the content.

Utilising the ever growing database Publer could adapt and schedule content based on the channels suggestions EG 1-5 posts a week you create the content and Publer would analyse it and place it on the best day/time of the week for that channels time time zone. You would set it for more views, engagement or shares. Couple this with Publers potental has tag reomender for posts and BOOM.

6 months ago
Changed the status to
On Hold
4 months ago

Let’s get back to this once we start offering #6 :)

4 months ago