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Set scheduling date in drafts#173

I don’t know the extent of the calendar update, but i would LOVE to be able to have access to a draft calendar. ATM i do it all in excel. While the draft tab is ok duplicating the schedule styling on to a draft calendar would be amazing. Planning is an important part of a SMM Campaign so having access to sort the draft calendar before deciding what will be approved to be posted would be amazing.

so ideas
Let the draft calendar have tags to note what is outstanding
it could be waiting for image/vide > waiting for text> waiting for link > waiting fr hashtag/

It could be outlined in orange and once happy with it we could click schedule to send to the scheduling que.

a year ago
Changed the title from "Calendar view idea" to "Set scheduling date in drafts"
a year ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Feedback
a year ago

Another customer brought this to our attention not too long ago.

This would be solved simply by allowing you to choose an optional scheduling date for your drafts.

Even though it sounds simple, it’s a technically challenging task so let’s see what everyone else thinks.

Make sure to give this an upvote. The more votes it gets, the higher its priority.

Meanwhile you can try the following workaround:

  • Create a duplicate Publer account and add it as a editor to your team
  • Make the posts from the editor require approval
  • Create & schedule posts while logged as the editor
  • The scheduled posts won’t be published until they’re approved by the owner or an admin of the team
  • In a few words, think of them as scheduled drafts
  • Once you’ve added all the missing pieces (text, photo etc) approve the post and that’s it
a year ago

If you do everything with your team in Asana you can just import the .csv here when youre ready. Will be perfect once we have storage on publer and even better once we have an IG Feed preview. Asana is the best workaround for now in my opinion.

9 months ago