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Allow mentions in shortcodes#179

In my industry we are always trying to tag the manufacturers of our most popular products that we sell. It would be awesome if we could create a list of “Favorite Pages” that could be used in the multi-platform editor (without having to customize the post for each platform).

So for example, I could create a “Favorite Page” called Walmart and I would tell Publer that their Facebook is @Walmart, their Twitter is @WalmartStores and their Instragram is @Walmart_Products, and when I use a special charactor such a $Walmart in the multi-platform editor, it would automatically tag Walmart in all of the individual posts.

4 months ago

Can I edit the name of this to “Create/Save Favorite Page Tags” or something along those lines?

4 months ago

Hi Nate and thank you for the feedback.

Have you thought about using shortcodes? It’s basically the same principle, but instead of typing $, you type {​{​shortcode}}.

Here’s a detailed tutorial:

Shortcodes would work for hashtags or any other repetitive information right away, but currently won’t work for @ mentioning (except for Instagram & Twitter since all you need is the handle)

You would basically create the walmart shortcode for both Twitter & Instagram. For the Twitter account the shortcode value would be @Walmart_Products and for the Instagram account the shortcode would be @Walmart_Products.

This won’t work for Facebook due to the way Facebook mentions work, but we can make it work.

I think a better title would be: “allow saving mentions as a shortcode”.

What do you think?

4 months ago

Ok, I like the idea of using Shortcodes. Are the shortcodes account specific? If so, I think that would be a great solution. Especially if you could make the funtionality work for Facebook! I’ll start playing around with this to test it out!

4 months ago

Ok, I tested this a little bit and I think this could work great. I do think there is a better way to handle shortcodes though. Instead of making them indivdually from each account, it’d be nice if there was a central place to create a shortcode, then on that creator page, there would be seperate text fields for each account. That way you don’t have to go in to every single account every time you create a new shortcode. There could even be a default value for that shortcode, and a checkbox next to each platform that says “Use default value.” This would really streamline the shortcode creation process.

4 months ago

It could look something like this:

4 months ago

Yes. Shortcodes are specific for each account. Thank you for the illustration, but unfortunately having them centralized will require a huge amount of work due to how they’re currently implemented.

It’s not worth it to spend our energies on something that is done only once during the setup.

You can always create the shortcodes, watermarks, signatures etc for one social account and have them duplicated to the rest of the social accounts with a click of a button.

For now I’m changing the title to “Allow mentions in shortcodes” and have this feature request open for voting.

4 months ago
Changed the title from "Save/Remember Recent Page Tags and Hashtags" to "Allow mentions in shortcodes"
4 months ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Feedback
4 months ago