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add workspaces

10 months ago


Can you ellaborate on this a little bit more? How would workspace be different than the teams we’re currently offering?

P.S. We’re thinking of renaiming teams to workspaces.

10 months ago
Changed the status to
10 months ago

Workspaces are basically brands, and then within those Workspaces you have teams.

1 workspace = 1 brand, but a brand can have multiple teams.

Then, each of those teams might have access to different social accounts within the brand.

3 months ago

This is very vague for something roadmapped. Can we have some info on what roadmapped workspaces will include?

a month ago

My ideal use case: Team Master - sees ALL accounts, Team Client - sees only Team Client accounts

I would assign client to Team Client but I could still access and post to those accounts from Team Master

4 days ago