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resize image#338

If an image doesn’t fit a channel (for example instagram), be able to quickly change the ratio to 4:5 for example without an external tool.

9 months ago


Could we get the options to automatically and/or manually crop images to certain sizes?

Like we can choose an image ratio and then drag the crop box around the image?

This would be useful for places like Instagram and Twitter, which prefer certain image sizes, and would save us having to manually change them.

8 months ago

Hi folks,

For Instagram, the only social network that requires a specific ratio, we’re automatically cropping the images if they’re not within the required aspect ratio.

For editing the photos within Publer we’re integrating very soon with Canva and maybe Crello later on. We don’t have the resources to build our own image editor.

8 months ago
Merged into Integrate with Canva#89
8 months ago