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Add WordPress Post to Publer#345

I would like to have a WordPress plugin or some type of integration that allows me to take the Posts from WordPress and automatically add it to Publer.

There are several ways to integrate this workflow:

1) When I publish a new post in WordPress there is an option to “Send to Publer”. This will take the WordPress title, URL, excerpt, and featured image and create the social media posts of my choosing and schedule it at the top of the queue.

2) For WordPress posts that have already been published, I want the ability to “Bulk Add To Publer”. I then have the ability to filter and choose the WP Posts and add them all at once. Again, it will use the title, URL, excerpt and featured image. I can also set which social profiles to bulk add them to.

Both of these options I’d like the ability to set Automatic Repubish and other Publer settings.

3 months ago

Yes, some API like Buffer,

which posts WordPress blogs to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.,

a month ago