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Enable whitelabel and cname url to help agencies giving customers a solution for steamlined management.

10 months ago

I recently started setting up Publer and I think it’s great. I agree with Jon, with a white-label option Publer can have much stronger support and voice as well as revenue through the ambassador program.

5 months ago

I am looking forward into having the whitelabel with custom domain to sell the service to my clients. Please, make this available soon. Thanks Publer!

4 months ago

I agree white label would help no end

4 months ago

looking forward that the white label option can support other languages (Japanese)

4 months ago
Changed the status to
4 months ago

this is exactly what we need. 🥳

3 months ago
Merged Remove published by in FB#789
3 months ago
Merged White Label Report for Clients#875
13 days ago
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19 hours ago