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Reshuffle Scheduled Posts.#417

This feature would serve 2 purposes.

  1. Reshuffle scheduled posts for a specific social media account or all social media accounts.

  2. Reschedule already scheduled posts: If you’ve auto scheduled posts, and you changed the posting schedule for autoschedule and recycled posts, this feature will rearrrange your already scheduled posts to match the new posting schedule for a social media account.

16 days ago

Yes, would love this. Especially once Pinterest full integration is live. It’s mush quicker to add many posts from the same source with the same info, like links, hashtags, etc etc, and then randomise/shuffle them, then it is to manually placing them in a calendar.

Like, let’s say you make a post and send it to 10 Pinterest boards. I don’t want them going out all on the same date. But I also don’t want to manually make 10 of them. A shuffle option would mean I can make all 10 Pins in one hit, but make sure they are going out at different times.

15 days ago