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Bulk post from the same CSV file while being able to shuffle the posts between clients#418


We’d love to be albe to use the same CSV file for bulk posting while having the ability to shuffle posts between clients.

The way it works now, we have to upload the one CSV file again, then shuffle, for each client. This is pretty slow. We’d love to upload the CSV file once and be able to shuffle the posts, schedule for a client, return to the original list of posts on the CSV, shuffle, post to the next client, and so on until done.

Why would we want to do this?
This would come in handy if are syndicating existing articles to clients in the same industry. There are only so many articles written at any given time to support an industry. So, say you have 20 - 30 clients in the same industry. The same articles would apply to them month after month. Being able to upload the same CSV file only once, then be able to shuffle and post as I mentioned above would be quite the time saver.


16 days ago