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you should warn me if I I am scheduling recurring posts, if I have I don't have enough regular posts scheduled#465

Just found out that my posts failed because you have unexpected requirement for recurring posts. You app could’ve checked and warned me at the time of posting that you require that I have more stuff in the queue in order for recurring posts to work.

a month ago
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a month ago

Hi Igor,

We cannot warn you beforehand because it may be that you add or remove posts before the next occurrence of the post will go out.

Here’s more info on our anti spam efforts:

a month ago

If you want to make user experience better, you reduce the need for user to keep track of things that you can keep track of.

You have information about number of posts I scheduled and if you want to make my life easier you can warn me at the time of posting AND later, if had 10+ posts, but deleted some and it became less than 10 you can warn me too.

otherwise, every time I delete posts, I have to check if I have recurring posts and if I do, I have to go and check how many posts I have scheduled… ON EACH PLATFORM. that’s too much work for something that can be programmed…

And because this limitation is not a must have(other services don’t have such requirement) even more reason to try make it easy to comply.
For me it makes reucrring posts unusable, because I don’t post very often.

Now I wonder what other requirements you have that I don’t expect and result in my post failing without prior warning. Is there a list?

a month ago
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a month ago

Fair enough. I unarchived this suggestion. Let’s see what everyone else thinks.

We don’t know what other services are offering. Our business is built on top of the social networks, so we have to make sure that the users don’t spam. It is our responsability, otherwise they can easily block us.

The list is here:

a month ago

Thank you for uarchiving! I see that this can be helpful to prevent spam. But if account is overall low volume, maybe requirements can be lowered. I post 1-2 times per day via Publer and post manually via FB/Insta 1-2 times per day. Posting more often would feel spammy to my social media follwers.

So realistically If I have a recurring post about class scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday, I can post 2-3 times via Publer between recurring posts without looking spammy.

if you are not willing to lower the limit, a built in warning would be nice… at least when user schedules their very first recurring post, but ongoing warning is better. Hopefully it won’t be much work to implement, since you keep track of number posts anyway in order to enforce 10 post rule.

Other services(i.e. social bee) are built on top of the same social networks don’t have similar requirement, which makes me wonder how they take care of this problem.

a month ago