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Completely editing scheduled / saved posts#77

Currently users can edit only the text of scheduled / saved posts, which is a little inconvenient if you want to add / remove photos from existing posts.

2 years ago
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a year ago
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Work In Progress
9 months ago

Also perhaps good to add. When you post a link with UTM code for different purposes. You can’t see the UTM’s behind the links when scheduled. Is it possible to see/edit that too?

8 months ago

Plus the ability to edit posts espeically if you have somethign auto sharing it form another account. Right now I have a post for example that will then auto share from another account but cant edit it

8 months ago
Changed the status to
7 months ago

The nightmare is finally over!

The composer you all love & use is now unified and used across the app.

This will allow you to make all the changes you wish to your posts i.e. replacing your photos, updating the captions or attaching a link in just a few clicks.

@Lyncia De Mulder, if you click the link thumbnail, it will take you to the destination (which will include the UTM params). You can also right click on the link thumbnail and select “Copy Link Address” in order to inspect it in an editor or something.

@Dimitri Cassimatis, updating / viewing post callbacks (follow-up comments, autoshare and autodeletes) is not doable as well.

7 months ago