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Inbox comments and messages all social networks#84

Inbox of comments, messages of all social networks (facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, youtube, google business) in a single place where it is possible to respond to each one of them and have the general overview in real time.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Work In Progress
2 years ago

This is currently in development and it will be a separate platform called Mitto (latin for “I send”).

We will see if there will be a way to integrate some functionalities of Mitto into Publer so that you don’t have to have 2 tabs opened.

Stay tuned :)

2 years ago
Merged Monitor brand in social networks#111
a year ago

This would be amazing!

10 months ago

By when will this be ready? the social inbox, where u can reply to all comments in 1 place - this is a very needed feature on a paid plan, as it solves a big headache of not needing to login to multiple accounts

9 months ago
Merged Viber#212
5 months ago
Merged Telegram#211
5 months ago

do you an approxiamate ETA for this?

5 months ago

Hi Manu. We hope to have the first version by the end of the year.

5 months ago


Team collabration in near inbox: collaborative tool like Slack.
Small chat area with teammembers on incoming customer messages.. That case before answer to guest/client, team can chat in this small chat area and resolve problem and give a better answer to guest/client.

Create another shortcodes for ‘’ready answers’’ in inbox. That way we can quick answer to guest/client with ready-to-use response templates.

Tagging feature: that way we can set rules, automatically classify incoming customer messages.

Search: Search by customer name

Notification for inbox.

a month ago