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Suggestion System (for content)#92

Hi I am moving over from Postcron and they had a very nifty features to help find content to share on social media.

It would ask what channels to follow and type in hashtags. This way I can find relevant content to share with my followers. This is a screenshot from postcron to give you an idea.

2 years ago
Merged into Content recommendation#6
2 years ago

Hi Dimitri,

Thank you for the feedback and for the screenshots We have already planned this functionality. We’re currently focused on building the apps for Android & iOS as well as supporting the rest of the social networks (Instagram, Pinterest …).

Once this is done, content recomendation and automatic RSS feed imports will be our next move.

I cannot give an exact ETA, but it may take a couple of months.

2 years ago

Make it 2 weeks and I buy you are coffee ;)

2 years ago